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Marketing Fanatics | Advertising & Marketing Company in South Africa | Our Blog
As a marketing company in South Africa – we’re all about the trends. Read our latest blog articles for insight into marketing for your business.
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As an advertising and marketing company in South Africa – we’re all about the trends. Whether it’s social, search or some new flavour of the month, the industry is constantly changing and we make it our business to be ahead of the game. Get all the latest news and insights right here while it’s hot!

  • Video Marketing Campaigns and the Viral Effect

    Everyone’s going on about the ‘viral effect’. If you’ve ever come across the White and Gold / Blue and Black dress debacle or the video of the sneezing baby panda, you’ll know what we’re talking about. The whole concept of one simple thing gaining so......

  • Demystifying Web Jargon

    SEO, PPC, Alt Tags and Broken Links – it is tough to keep up with the ever increasing list of words contributing to website & Internet jargon,that is until now. This month, Marketing Fanatics aims to simplify and demystify web jargon! Along with the ever......

  • Video as a Marketing Tool

    Video is the New Black Have you heard? Video has taken over the digital landscape, you can’t open a browsing session or a social media platform without there being a wide variety of videos on display and it seems that video content is here to......

  • Website Monitoring for Analytics

    Website monitoring for Analytics is critical to the health of your website to ensure that your website visitors are getting from the website experience what they came there for....

  • Heatmaps and Website User Behaviour

    We explore using heat maps in conjunction with your analytics to gauge website user behaviour can help you create better content and improve the user friendliness of your site....

  • The Power and Importance of Landing Pages

    You’ve heard of landing pages before, but have you considered the importance of landing pages when used as an effective marketing tool in combination with your strategy?  Dedicated landing pages have the ability to push the limits of what your marketing campaigns can achieve....